Friday, January 29, 2010

Who do you trust in TV network news? 

Public Policy Polling asked "who do you trust" of TV news viewers, and discovered...
Americans do not trust the major tv news operations in the country -- except for Fox News.

Our newest survey looking at perceptions of ABC News, CBS News, CNN, Fox News, and NBC News finds Fox as the only one that more people say they trust than distrust -- 49% say they trust it to 37% who do not.
trust distrust net

Fox 49 37 +12
CNN 39 41 - 2
NBC 35 44 - 9
CBS 32 46 -14
ABC 31 46 -15

There is polarization in these results, not surprisingly. Republicans trust Fox more and Democrats trust the others more.

But it is the Independents who are key -- just as on election day. These are the swing voters who voted in Obama with a Democratic Congress in 2008 -- and who this year have turned sharply against Obama and the Democrats, voting for Brown by a 50 point (!) margin in Massachusetts.

Who do independent voters trust among the news networks? Nobody! (They ain't stupid!) But they distrust Fox a lot less than the others.

trust distrust net

Fox 41 44 -3
CNN 33 45 -12
CBS 22 51 -29
NBC 22 52 -30
ABC 21 53 -32

"Fox -- the least distrusted name in news!"

Draw your own conclusions.