Sunday, July 31, 2005

If you can't do the time... 

... don't go on magazine covers bragging that you are #1 at doing the crime.
Cops have busted a $2,000-an-hour hooker dubbed "New York's No. 1 Escort" after she blabbed to the media about her prurient profession.

Natalia McLennan who was splashed across the cover of New York magazine three weeks ago, has been interviewed on TV talk shows [and is the subject of a BBC documentary] was charged Wednesday with money laundering, prostitution and promoting prostitution, her lawyer, Barry Zone, told The Post...

"It's outrageous," he said... "It's basically that they saw her on the Donny Deutsch show and the Paula Zahn show and they read the article in New York magazine... They've arrested her because of some newspaper articles and some sensationalism."

But McLennan, who claims she made $1.5 million a year servicing her high-roller clients, made no secret of her work at NY Confidential, a swanky, Moroccan- themed brothel on Worth Street.

She became infamous overnight when she struck a provocative pose for the cover of New York under the headline, "N.Y.'s No. 1 Escort."...

The BBC is rumored to be interested in airing its footage as a reality series... [NY Post]
Our smart hooker of the week!

Update: This little post has gotten thousands of hits. OK, if you're really that interested, here's the whole NY Magazine story.

Update: Natalia shows up in court dressed for business!