Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday sports page 

[] If you watch the NFL's Jets - Colts AFC Championship game today, you'll really be watching the Jets versus Peyton Manning & Six of His Friends and a Bunch of Bodies...

The seven highest-paid Indianapolis Colts in 2009 have a combined $81.3 million cap cost -- which leaves the bottom 46 players on the active roster, eight practice-squad players and, say, estimated injured-reserve players to split the remaining estimated $40.7 million of the cap.

Salary-cap average of the relative Colt haves: $11,614,286.

Salary-cap average of the relative Colt have-nots: $678,333. [Peter King]

[] In the NFL, why do the #1 seeds so seldom reach the Super Bowl? The #1 teams from both AFC and NFC haven't met in the Big Game since 1993. This oddity's odds are explained at Pro Football

[] How the balance between rushing and passing has shifted in the NFL over the decades is presented by Brian Burke.

[] The New York Yankees make more money than any other team in major league baseball -- but the Yankees' players extract their share of it. Players in the Yankees uniform get salaries about 40% larger than other players of comparable ability around major league baseball, says the Sports Economist.

[] Go watch the World Cup in relative safety, as long as nobody shoots you.
South Africa's authorities have condemned a London-based company which wants to sell stab-vests to visiting football fans during the World Cup....

South Africa has one of the world's highest rates of violent crimes but the authorities say they will tighten security for the tournament.

Protektorvest, which currently sells its merchandise online, says there is a "high demand" for protective clothing and claim the stab-vests which cost close to $70 (43) are the "No 1 personal protection for the World Cup 2010".

Fans can add their national flag to the vest, or slogans such as "Free hugs" or "Ole"... [BBC]

[] A new basketball league just for slow people who can't jump.