Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ooops. Uh ... sorry? 

"So how'd the art class trip to the museum go?"

Woman's tear in Picasso slashes value by $65M

A woman who lost her balance and tore a hole in a Pablo Picasso painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art likely cut the $130 million painting's value in half, a top appraiser said yesterday.

Conservators said they will be able to fix the 6-inch tear in "The Actor" (above), but appraiser Gerard van Weyenbergh said the painting may never recover its value.

"It's a 50 percent loss of the value -- at least," van Weyenbergh said...

Museum officials would not identify the woman who fell into the painting... [NY Post]

"Um, would this be covered by my homeowners' policy?"

Some other great "oopsies of the art world" via the AP.