Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday sports section 

How much will lost endorsements cost Tiger? (Don't cry for him, it's the first half-billion he's already got that contributes the most to financial security.)

How much are college football coaches paid? At Tennessee the assistant coaches get from $110,000 to $1.2 million. Well, as long as the players who actually play the games and generate all the money remain under a salary cap of $0, leaving all this money for their coaches to collect, college football stays an "amateur" sport.

Girls play dirty. Or: If your daughter plays youth soccer, essential skills she should learn to help get a college scholarship.

Bloomberg goes into technical analysis of baseball data...
"If you think of players as securities and teams as portfolios, then our infrastructure for managing information about securities and portfolios could be adapted to sports.”

Great advances in college football offensive line blocking technique, FSU v Florida.

Dave Berri contradicts the football fans' popular belief that the quarterback makes the team with data showing it's pretty much the team that makes the quarterback's numbers...
The Chicago Bears finished the 2008 season with a 9-7 record, a mark that fell just short of qualifying for the playoffs. In discussing Chicago’s problems, people tended to focus on the team’s quarterback. As Table One reports, Kyle Orton – the Bears starting quarterback in 2008 — was ranked 25th (out of 32) quarterbacks...

In the offseason it became clear that Jay Cutler -– a player who ranked 7th ... was available. So the Bears sent Kyle Orton –-- plus two first round draft picks and a third round pick –- to the Broncos for Cutler.

Fans of the Bears rejoiced at this move. And fans of the Denver Broncos became very, very angry ... Many NFL pundits were heard expressing the conventional wisdom: You simply don’t trade away a “franchise” quarterback [like Cutler]..

[Today] the Broncos are 7-4 while the Bears are 4-7. When we look at each quarterback’s stats we see that the 2008 result has been essentially reversed. Orton now ranks 9th ... Cutler is ranked 25th.
He then expands on some even more controversial observations about NFL quarterbacks that earlier contributed to Malcolm Gladwell's side of the notorious Gladwell -- Steven Pinker cat, er, kitten fight, er, sports tiff.

Does the football team make the quarterback? More on this coming soon.