Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stimulus "job saving" success of the day... 

Sacramento Bee:
California State University officials reported late last week that they saved more jobs with stimulus money than the number of jobs saved in Texas - and in 44 other states.

In a required state report to the federal government, the university system said the $268.5 million it received in stimulus funding through October allowed it to retain 26,156 employees. That total represents more than half of CSU's statewide work force.

However, university officials confirmed Thursday that half their workers were not going to be laid off without the stimulus dollars.

"This is not really a real number of people," CSU spokeswoman Clara Potes-Fellow said. "It's like a budget number..."
There's something special about California Universities.

Runner-up job creation performance...
"A $1,000 grant to purchase a single lawn mower was credited with saving 50 jobs."
... from a survey of jobs saved/created reports nationwide by the Washington Examiner.