Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sunday sports blogging.... 

[] How did Chicago come in last in the "Olympics host" voting in spite of Obama's sales pitch? Actually, on the morning of the vote it may have barely slipped to second place due to a few last-minute swing votes, then have plunged to last when the voters realized it, says J.C. Bradbury as he traces the dynamics of the vote (and the changing Intrade prediction market prices).

[] Are NFL coaches irrational when choosing between punting and trying for a field goal? Maybe yes (though commenters suggest a rationale for maybe no).

[] A newly discovered 1928 "home movie" of Babe Ruth comes to light.

[] Does the "hot team" entering the baseball playoffs have an advantage (and are the recently slumping teams at a disadvantage)? Nope.

[] Are referees intimidated by the home team's fans? Well, in Europe soccer referees are a lot more even-handed if there's a moat running track around the field separating them from the crowd. Of course that's Europe ... soccer ... draw your own conclusions.

[] The "clutch hitting" fog of mystery is finally cleared away...
Alex Rodriguez's newfound playoff prowess after years of choking in the post-season is a product of his steamy -- and surprisingly honest -- romance with sexy screen siren Kate Hudson, a team source and a top sports shrink said yesterday... [details]