Monday, October 19, 2009

Noted around and about... 

How do you get really good at something? Practice, practice, practice.

The BBC asks, "What happened to global warming?" (And, hey, is it say "hello" again to global cooling?)

Why women have sex: "The No. 1 reason was because its fun.

Legal prosecutions of the week: criminal and civil.

All about converting a former nuclear missile silo into your home. (Plenty of helpful illustrations). Recommended: Buy one that stored its missile vertically (such an Atlas F silo), not one that stored the missile prone until lifted for launch (such an Atlas E -- too much in the way of bunker space and rampways).

It's bad enough when a strange dog jumps on your leg, but when a wild parrot jumps the back of your head... (Caution: Not workplace friendly if your workplace is an aviary with young birds about.)