Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Lawsuits of the week 

You got pulled over in Texas for driving a car without being able to speak English? Tell it to the judge (and hope he speaks whatever you do.)

Man arrested for being naked in his own home. "Williamson, 29, faces an indecent exposure charge after a passerby saw him in the buff in his own home making coffee. Channel 5 reports the woman and 7-year-old boy who saw him naked apparently had cut through Williamson's front yard from a nearby path." No report yet on whether they were arrested for trespass.

If your music is used to torture terrorists, can you sue for copyright infringement?

Your insurance company won't pay $2,400 a month for growth hormone for your son, just because he's 5'7" at age 16? Sue. ("Short stature became a disease when unlimited amounts of growth hormone became available." Dr. Alan D. Rogol.)

Miss California USA officials want their breast implant money back from the dethroned Carrie Prejean...
The demand was a response to a lawsuit filed by Prejean in which she claimed pageant officials violated the former beauty queen's privacy by acknowledging to reporters that her breasts were fake.

The truth about Prejean's breasts "ceased being private during the swimsuit competition of the nationally televised Miss USA pageant, in which Ms. Prejean walked the stage in a bikini," pageant lawyers said... [CNN]

And, well, let's just quote the judge on this one...
...the court finds it significant that the plaintiff candidly admits he was unaware that his penis was protruding from his underwear until the final two days of his trip...