Sunday, October 11, 2009

Enjoying the wild and crazy peoples of the world... 

Somali pirates attack a French navy flagship (early reports that the French surrendered being greatly exaggerated).

Australians with their school answering machines. (Australian hoaxers deserve credit too.)

Swedes and their musical stairs up from the underground.

Brits with their 4,500 illustrations of Bible stories in Lego pieces.

Maldivian (?) government ministers planning to hold this week's cabinet meeting underwater. ("...ministers would communicate during the meeting using hand signals and waterproof boards and pens. 'Obviously the hand signals that divers can use are limited, so the amount of work the cabinet are going to get done will be limited.'")

Gaza-ites (?) with their donkey-zebras.

Hungarians with their "Miss Plastic Surgery" beauty contest.

And those wacky Norwegians with their Nobel Peace Prize.