Saturday, October 10, 2009

Clearing wreckage from the 9/11 World Trade Center attack resumes ... only 8+ years later. 

Officials have announced they are ready to resume taking down the Deutsche Bank building that was wrecked in the 9/11 attacks, a mere eight years ago. The NY Post happily tells us...
In the year 2525?

Officials on Tuesday said cleanup work at the former Deutsche Bank building was done and demolition could resume -- but then pushed the completion date back yet again, deep into next year.

Sound familiar? It should.

Here's a brief history of the project:

* Sept. 11, 2001: World Trade Center debris irreparably damages the building.

* December 2006: Demolition of the tower begins, after years of wrangling over who would pay for it. Projected completion date: December 2007.

* August 2007: A blaze at the site claims the lives of two firefighters. Work is halted. Officials expect to resume demolition by November.

* February 2008: Officials say, in effect, the structure must be scrubbed with toothbrushes before work can resume. Projected completion date: December 2008.

* Summer 2008: More delays. Projected completion date: August 2009.

* Spring 2009: More delays. Projected completion date: January 2010.

* August 2009: More delays. Projected completion date: Spring 2010.

* Oct. 6, 2009: Cleanup work finishes. Demolition to begin. Officials announce new, slower work plan. Projected completion date: "Before" December 2010.

Does anyone seriously think that building will ever come down? Ha.
My children saw the World Trade Center towers fall from their grammar school. One of them now is in college and the other in high school. They may live long enough to see the Deutsche Bank building come down too.

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