Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Seen around and about...

A message from GM back when it was an innovator that knew how to sell cars [at 6:15]...
"on what other car will you find the combination of all these luxury features, such as this year's front vent pane control crank, ordinarily found in only the highest priced cars" how many people are old enough to even remember seeing a front vent pane window on a car?

How to read the Wall Street Journal online for free. You can't have your stuff indexed by Google and keep it locked behind a pay wall too, Rupert. (via Newmark's Door)

Dedicated professionalism quote of the day:
"I was still at the stage in my career when I was trying to work really hard and do a good job."
-- Sigourney Weaver on filming Ghostbusters.

The next financial crisis: "A major credit rating agency yesterday released a report reinforcing a negative outlook on the financial stability of the toll road industry" predicting "massive toll increases coming".

OK, now Krugman has to stop complaining about people mispronouncing his name. [.pdf]

Milton Friedman is gone, but his co-author Anna Schwartz is still with us.

Discrimination against white customers in the prices charged at the Fulton Fish Market? (via Carpe Diem)

For those who like to imagine they are racing down the slopes while sitting on the pot, from Japan of course.

An Internet classic: Blond with gasoline can.