Sunday, March 08, 2009

Weekly catch.

The recession in perspective: The Minneapolis Fed has new interactive graphics that you can use to compare the current recession to previous ones.

Excellent new blog on the crisis by economist Scott Sumner -- seemingly the last monetarist in a time of scared Keynesians. The teaser, "BTW, I'll have lots of negative things to say about Krugman" lured me in like a subprime borrower. But he's delivered, and there's a lot more interesting reading there, providing a coherent alternative point of view.

NASCAR picture of the week. It's the American sport!

Elsewhere in sport, the NBA adopts its own recession-fighting deficit spending program.

The amazing Story of Iceland: in just a half a generation, from modest fishermen to bankers-to-the-world to fishermen in $330,000 of debt each.

In the endless contest of Man versus Nature, which side is more inept?