Monday, March 23, 2009

Seen around and about.

French Air Force grounded by Windows virus. Yes, they forgot to run Windows Update. Bringing to mind the classic: "Why are there so many tree-lined boulevards in France? Because Germans like to march in the shade." And many more. [HT for the scurrilous humor to Tim Worstall.]

Do Polish hookers cost too much? No. Many other important questions about the world financial crisis addressed as well.

The perfect crime.

How does an "expert analyst" get to be frequently quoted in the press?

my case study is Noriel Roubini. In 10 years he will either continue to be a regular talking head who no longer says anything unconventional ... or he will continue to make unconventional guesses and will have lost influence and be forgotten.

Putin and Reagan in 1988 (maybe).

Check the "tourist" on the left with the camera. The story. And Putin's family pictures. Quick impressions: Soviet family photos from the 1980s look like American ones from the 1930s, and Vlad may never have smiled in his life. I mean, if you don't smile for the camera...