Saturday, September 13, 2008

Around the web....

How politics works: Obama advisor opposes his own healthcare proposal when McCain proposes it.

The Palin we need.

Most appropriate op-ed author of the week [ht: LowBridge] ...
Democrats Need to Shake The 'Elitist' Tag
-- by Lynn Forester De Rothschild

Eco-alarmists kayaking to the North Pole to dramatize the disappearance of Arctic ice immediately get stuck in ice (at a latitude that was navigable in the 1920s).
[ht: Adam Smith]

Arnold Kling explains Fannie Mae in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, Freddie Mac's website still details its great success.
[ht: Luskin]

It's football season again and there's plenty of awful announcing out there (including about fun in the cheap seats).

Don't blame the politicians for everything, it's us dumbass voters.

And finally, on a therapeutic note, maybe we Westerners shouldn't feel so guilty about destroying the South American rain forests, since it looks like we created them with our Western diseases.