Sunday, August 10, 2008

Around and about...

News headline understatement of day:
"Edwards' affair his most costly political risk" [AP]

The arguments over public school reform are pretty much timeless -- repeating across two centuries on both sides of the big water. [HT: Roland Patrick] The cause of them pretty much is too.

World's oldest joke update: It seems the world's oldest recorded joke is not the Pharaoh joke reported here previously, but instead ... of course ... a fart joke. regrets the error.

Leopard 1, Crocodile 0. The question that comes to mind is: Why? Is croc meat somehow on the leopard diet plan? I wouldn't think so. So was there something personal going on here? Did that leopard just not like the way the croc was eyeing him out of the water? "Eventually the big cat was able to sit on top of the reptile and suffocate it." How would a leopard even know to do that?

Olympic daily update: Three-time British Olympic hurlder Peter Hildreth has been banned from practicing his training regimen -- running the wrong way up department store escalators.

The grandfather-of-five managed to run up the moving stairs in a Surrey department store but was then told he would be banned from Elphicks in Farnham if he did it again.

He said: "I started doing it last month because I was turning 80 ... But at the top of the escalator in Elphicks is the women's underwear department, and the woman who runs it told me to stop because it was dangerous ... As a young man I used to run up the escalator on the Underground in London, but that was a long time ago. I started off doing it in bits and then did it getting on at the bottom. I used to do it about once a week as part of my training when I was not on the track or in the gym."

Store manager Graham Duerden said: "We have people aged 80 who go the right way up the escalator and fall over, so we simply can't have this man attempting this sort of thing." [Ananova]

Jib Jab makes it official that the new election season has started and it is time for some campaignin'.