Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sunday miscellany

Sharon Stone exercises her intellect on TV, becomes "public enemy of all mankind", says she's sorry to keep her Dior dresses.

Sidney Pollack remembered by those who worked on Tootsie. ("Never work with an Oscar winner who is shorter than the statue," Larry Gelbart on Dustin Hoffman.)

You are a high-priced doctor. You sign up your medical practice up with a web advertising service that puts up your name whenever somebody types in a sort-of-related web address. You get this result.

Speaking of which, here's how American Idol made Clay Aiken the man he his today, literally.

And the controversial young children's book of the moment:
Heather has Two Mommies
Mommy has New Boobies

In the glory days of the British Empire its "fearless thrill seekers" charted oceans, explored continents, and climbed the highest mountains, while on its sporting fields its young men developed the character they'd show in defeating Napoleon at Waterloo. Today ... the sun has finally set.