Wednesday, June 04, 2008

From the Journal of Advanced Academic Research

My mother always told me, "You should be a professor." If I'd listened I could have used my grant money to make these discoveries....

Muscular Young Men Get More Sex

Men who are more muscular than average are much more likely to have short-term affairs and multiple sex partners than their scrawnier peers, according to new UCLA research ... This shows women are putting a premium on attractiveness ... Frederick and Haselton asked 120 undergraduate males to rate their own physiques on the same scale and then asked them about their sexual histories. The self-identified muscular men had not only had more sexual partners...
"Self identified"? Heck, I self identify as Schwarzenegger with a harem, when the wife isn't within listening distance.

Tired Basketball Players Throw Less Accurate Passes

Researchers ... had 20 players (10 recreational, 10 expert) throw chest passes at targets when rested, then when 70 percent fatigued, and finally when 90 percent fatigued ... accuracy dropped as they tired, with the recreational players faltering earlier than the expert players...
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2006) 5, 215 - 227


Sick People Have More Health Problems Than Healthy People

(Reuters Health) - Elderly people with diabetes may be at heightened risk of physical limitations ... British researchers found that among more than 800 adults age 65 or older, those with diabetes were more likely to have problems with walking and performing daily tasks ... Diabetes-related nerve damage and impaired blood flow to the legs likely play a role in the higher rate of walking problems, according to the research ... published in the journal Diabetes Care


Waitresses with Bigger [Ahem]s Get Bigger Tips

...waitresses’ tips varied with age in a negative, quadratic relationship, increased with breast size, increased with having blond hair, and decreased with body size. These findings, which are discussed from an evolutionary perspective, make several contributions to the literature on female physical attractiveness.

First, they replicate some previous findings ... Finally, they highlight the need for more ecologically valid tests of evolutionary theories about the determinants and consequences of female beauty...
The Determinants and Consequences of Female Attractiveness and Sexiness: Realistic Tests with Restaurant Waitresses [pdf], Michael Lynn, Ph.D., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.


My mother is still telling me I should be a professor. It's never too late for a second career. Hmmm ... If I could get a grant for extended field work conducting a scientific comparison of the waitresses at Hooters and TGIF's ...