Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday short takes

Price Controls 101. The lesson never learned. Now Venezuelans can't even gripe about their stock market over coffee.

Business 101 lesson of the day: When offered a monopoly on a popular, coming product, do not refuse it saying "We'd really rather have you offer it to Wal-Mart on a non-exclusive basis so we can compete with them on price." Or else!

Who says Germans have no sense of humor? Well, the British...

Tim Worstall points us to the best blonde joke ever. So blame him.

Fluorescent green pigs ... I wonder what this would do to a ham sandwich at midnight?

Oh, my god. Women's magazines LIE ABOUT SEX!...
The former Mademoiselle checker says of the sex articles, "When I first got there, I would try to check those first-time-I-had-sex quotes. You know, 'It was Christmas Eve, we made a fire ....' And I would get blank looks" from editors. "They'd say, 'Um, you want to call these people?'" ...

"I don't think I ever made anything up wholesale," the ex-Cosmo editor says ... The anecdotes, she says, "were always things that could have happened."
Who can I trust now?