Tuesday, November 29, 2005

New York City's view from 1955 of itself in 2005:
"Times Square dies but Second Avenue has a subway"

The Times looks at a survey of the state of the city it undertook in 1955 focusing on changes expected to arrive in the next 50 years...

"A Palace of Progress devoted to world trade atop a reconstructed Pennsylvania Station ... A Second Avenue subway would replace the elevated rail line that still loomed over Third Avenue ... a prosperous period of shipbuilding at the Brooklyn Navy Yard..."

It also reprints 19 stories from the 1955 series covering different aspects and geographical areas of city life, and what was to come.

Apart from the obvious lesson about never buying a crystal ball without and ironclad money-back guarantee, the history is interesting.

"Where have all the blacksmiths and elevator operators gone?
"Gone to be laywers and social workers every one..."