Saturday, July 30, 2005

Well, now we know.

Col. Simon West, 39, was "embarrassed beyond comprehension" and denied that the cheeky grin on his face proved he knew exactly what he was doing.

One of his soldiers said: "We all think it's hilarious. The newspapers are selling like hot cakes."

One thing was brought out into the open yesterday the colonel definitely had not got anything on under his kilt.

Army spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Ed Brown confirmed that Lt Col West was not wearing underpants.

He added: "The accusation he did this on purpose is utterly ridiculous."...
[The Mirror, quoted by Snopes.]

Meanwhile, on this side of the pond, we have yearbook pictures of animated celebrities ...

The yearbook photo is a genuine but, alas, the name under it has been changed.

But hey, the real fellow is an actor. If they ever do a live-action movie version of the cartoon, like they do of so many comic books, he's their Guy!