Monday, July 25, 2005

Short stuff.

For hot summer days, cool music from the long sub-Antarctic night webcast via Antarctica's 'A' Net Station.

"God, send me a one-handed neuroeconomist", says Arnold Kling.

Smart bank robber of the week meets smart bank teller of the month. At a drive up window sends a hold-up note through a pneumatic tube, expecting to get money back through the tube -- and does.

Mug shot of the week.

Fire brigade animal rescue of the week.
Firemen raced to the home of a young woman who called up in tears because her pet mouse had got its head stuck between the bars of its cage.

How much is that chimera in the window?
Scientists have been warned that their latest experiments may accidently produce monkeys with brains more human than animal.

In cutting-edge experiments, scientists have injected human brain cells into monkey fetuses to study the effects.

Critics argue that if these fetuses are allowed to develop into self-aware subjects, science will be thrown into an ethical nightmare...

The genetic similarities between humans and chimpanzees make the temptation to create such a human-chimp chimera almost irresistible... [PFM]
This may be why I'm not scientist, my lack of any trouble at all resisting such things.

With bombs going off in and being left about the London Underground, it's reassuring to know that those running the subways, bridges and tunnels here in NYC have in the four years since 9/11 figured out how to productively spend all of a good 5% of the anti-terrorism money that's been allocated to them ... and why .... (and Slate's take on why).

The "long arm of the law" looks like it's going to have to grow some to keep up with the groping examining hand of medicine.

Never, ever, believe politicians who promise that a "temporary" tax will be temporary. Especially if it's a tax on something you enjoy, like, say, alcohol. Pennsylvanians today are still paying a 10% temporary tax on it that was enacted to cover the cost of the Johnstown flood ...
The property damage total from the 1936 Johnstown flood was $41 million. The flood tax had generated that much revenue by the end of 1942.
... only today the tax rate is 18%.

Entrepreneurial capitalism continues to bring us new consumer goods unimagined by prior generations. Just remember not to mix up this one with the standard old one you give the spouse...
One morning at breakfast, Cathy Gallagher told her husband she wanted to start a line of greeting cards for adulterers. There was a pregnant pause. And then he said, "I think it's a great idea." any good capitalist, when she saw a market opening, she went for it.... She has already printed 100,000 of her cards and is filling orders for retailers across North America, including boutique stores and hotel gift shops ... the cards can be bought from her
website ... [LA Times]

And it's not too late to remember that July is American Beer Month! Though it also won't be too late to remember it in August, September, October...