Monday, May 23, 2005

Sex ... sex ... sex

It came from outer space. 'Nuff said.

Porn movies for fish.
... biologist Brian Langerhans of Washington University in St. Louis managed to put a tape on 350 male mosquitofish. Langerhans took pictures of the gonopodia to measure their outlines. "The organ is quite obvious, even on such small fish," he told LiveScience.

Data in hand, Langerhans exposed about 50 females, one at a time, to video images of a male of average proportions at one end of an aquarium and an outsized male at the other end.

"They chose the larger one over and over," Langerhans said. "All females had the same preference."...
I bet they did, so much for the idea they don't. And so much for females not liking dirty videos.

Well-fed Crickets Seek Sex Incessantly, Die Young

But that's only male crickets, of course.

Females on the higher-protein diet lived longer, with no notable side effects.
Seems about right.