Sunday, May 15, 2005

First Manhattan stagecoach accident of the century.
In New York's first stagecoach accident of the century, two horses led authorities on a wild and woolly chase yesterday, as they broke loose and charged pell-mell along 14th Street...

The wild incident unfolded around 10 a.m. when the stagecoach the horses were pulling in a publicity stunt for country singer Shania Twain's new perfume was rear-ended by a van between Eighth and Ninth avenues.

As the red coach a genuine Wells Fargo vehicle from the 19th century tipped over on its gold wheels, the white horses' harnesses broke free. They ran away, dragging their yokes as they charged east...

"There hasn't been a stagecoach accident in New York in a long time," joked police spokesman Lt. Eugene Whyte... [NY Post]
Hey that's where I live -- they coulda hit me!

"I can't make it to work today, I was in a stagecoach accident."