Wednesday, April 20, 2005

NFL gets another $12.6 billion -- more proof of how experts can foresee the future.

As we were noting a couple posts above how we can rely upon experts' wisdom...
The National Football League nabbed a cool $12.6 billion from ESPN and NBC yesterday to air games on Monday and Sunday nights...

Late last year, the NFL picked up $11.5 billion from TV contracts with Fox, CBS and DirecTV making NFL rights by far the most costly among major sports.

The average yearly NFL rights now cost $3.74 billion, more than the rights to the NBA, Major League Baseball, Nascar, NHL, PGA Golf, NCAA hoops and the summer Olympics combined
... [NY Post, 4/19/05]

There was speculation that NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle might now stiffen his resolve to establish an independent TV network when the contract with NBC and CBS expires next year. The question was whether the giant networks really care any more about pro football.

Madison Avenue sources say the new national pastime is badly over-exposed and is no longer worth the millions being shelled out for it ... advertising agencies are beginning to talk about the law of diminishing returns
... [NY Post, 11/17/1968]
Manage your investment portfolios accordingly.