Friday, April 08, 2005

Elliot Spitzer, corporate investigations, political motivations? Say it's not so!

Spitzer used AIG probe to 'Net $$

State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer's campaign for governor has been using his high-profile investigation of insurance giant American International Group to raise funds and build political support via the Internet, a Web search showed yesterday.

Spitzer's campaign committee paid mega-search engine Google for a "sponsored link" that appeared at the top of the page whenever anyone sought information about the company by typing "AIG" in the search window....

Spitzer's campaign pulled the link late yesterday afternoon after The Post made an inquiry with one of the Democratic attorney general's official spokesmen who initially said he didn't know anything about it and then called it "inappropriate."... [NY Post]

That's an acute campaign committee there -- Don't want people to know what you are doing? Do it on Google!

Perhaps even more interesting than whom Sptizer's been charging in all his corporate investigations is whom he hasn't been charging.