Monday, March 07, 2005

Medical science marches on.

Bullets may cause cancer.
Tungsten alloys, being used in battlefield munitions ... may cause cancer in soldiers wounded by them, U.S. Army researchers said... "(The findings raise) extremely serious concerns over the potential health effects of tungsten-alloy-based munitions..." [UPI]
Who says our civilization isn't advanced? What other one ever worried so about the potential health effects of its battlefield weapons?

"Individuals who suffer from both major depression and diabetes function worse than those with either illness alone."
...This is significant, especially given that about 10% of people with diabetes suffer from major depression. []
Thank you Dr. Egede and whoever approved that grant.

You know, whenever after you finish reading the results of a researcher's research he feels the need to tell you "this is significant", you can bet your tax money it's not.