Friday, March 04, 2005

eBay prices out body advertising, with a little help from the gaming industry.

Which belly would you pay the most to advertise on?

Elisa Harp of Rosewell, Ga., auctioned off advertising space on her pregnant tummy (left) via eBay and received a cool $8,800 plus a trip to the Daytona 500 (as noted here earlier).

Amber Rainey of Myrtle Beach, S.C., also held an eBay auction of belly billboard space (right) and pulled in $4,050. Well, her pregnant belly appears somewhat less ample, so that seems fair. But Amber's gone Elisa one further, following up with a separate auction of the sponsorship of the coming birth...
SPONSORSHIP INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING: filming, web posting, broadcasting, and photography rights. Family that will be present during birth will wear apparel with company logos. Car transporting me to and from hospital will have your company logo displayed with magnetic signage. Company signs will be posted where appropriate. Media will be welcomed and invited....

Your company logo on t-shirts, hats and clothes worn by family, the baby, and me! Company signs will be hung throughout patient room and hospital (wherever allowed). Mother and baby will wear company apparel while conducting interviews and receiving media attention!
The winning bidder in all cases:, which paid $5,600 to Amber for the birth rights, giving her $9,650 altogether.

Amber and Elisa both follow one Nick Long who held an eBay auction of advertising space on his back, selling it for 3,100 Birtish pounds, about $6,000 ... and model Shaune Bagwell, who auctioned off via eBay advertising space on her cleavage for $15,099 -- both to!

And all the above declare that their inspiration was one Brent Moffett, who held an eBay auction of advertising space via permanent tattoo on his forehead and collected $30,000 ... from!

What is all this telling us?