Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Homeless guy starts fire, knocks out subway service for five years

As of this morning the Eighth Avenue subway C train is out and A train service is cut by two-thirds, for up to five years. It looks like they may be changing the name of Ellington's song from Take the A Train to Wait for the A Train.

You've got to admire the strategic thinking that locates irreplaceable equipment serving 600,000 people daily where the homeless can burn it for warmth.

Five years?? It took only four years to build the entire original subway system back in the beginning.

Update: Now they are claiming they may get service back in a mere six months, although it will take five years to replace the equipment lost. Why millions of dollars worth of critical equipment was kept where a wandering vagrant could torch it, and related queries about lack of backup equipment and contingency plans, will be questions for another day.