Tuesday, December 07, 2004

When the CSI team is done, who cleans up the bloody mess?

This place can't be all Social Security all the time, so how about some murder, pornography and kidnapping for a change of pace?

NYC's most entertaining tabloid has the full sordid story that one can read for oneself. But a little bit of it caught my eye.

Back in 1995, ten-year old Marissa Pomarico was watching the Three Stooges on TV when her mother chastised her step-dad for eating out of a pot of sauce on the stove.

Step-dad then went and got his sawed-off shotgun and used it to blow away mom, grandma, grandpa and brother, before putting the gun at Marissa's own head. But he didn't pull the trigger on her, and he's been in jail ever since. Well, tragically, such things happen, we've all heard such stories.

After that Marisa moved around living with various relatives and in different foster homes. And some years later she was still troubled by those events -- understandably enough, one might think.

Then what seems an odd thing happened. A psychiatrist decided it would help young Marissa to work things out if she went back and visited the scene of the crime.

So on Veterans Day 2000, Marissa was brought back to 9 Evan Place by an uncle, psychiatrist and agent from the bank that had foreclosed on the family home.

By that time, neighborhood kids had taken to calling it "the dead house," and with good reason. It had been boarded up for five years, preserving the crime scene like a museum exhibit... The psychiatrist knocked on the door of the adjoining house and asked if the then-14-year-old girl could peer into her old back yard.

"I took her out back, where she stared across the way for a few moments before running off crying," said Linda Venturino, who moved her family in five months after the crime.

The bank agent then asked Venturino's husband to help him remove the chains from the front door of the house. "I went in first to make sure there were no rats running around," Mike Venturino told The Post.

But what he saw shocked him more than rodents.

"There was blood splattered on the wall behind the couch," where Marissa's grandpa had been shot, he said. "There was also a blanket on the living-room floor with bloodstains around it and a crucifix on top," where her mom had been shot.

And the pot of sauce that sparked the horrors was still on the stove.

Shortly thereafter, the shrink took Marissa into the house, where the two stayed for about an hour.

Well, that must've done the girl a world of good!
"Common sense says this isn't the sort of thing you do"... said Manhattan psychiatrist Vivian Pender.
Yes, but we are talking about psychiatrists here.

Anyhow, from there young Marissa was off to a career in the L.A. porn industry as "Jewel Affair" (links found but not provided here) the kidnapping of her sister's children, and a starring role in an episode of America's Most Wanted which lead to her being outed in the business as a person with ID problems, next stop NYPD.

But getting back to the question, who has the job of cleaning up when the CSI team is done? Apparently, nobody.