Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Anybody having Beer Can Turkey for Thanksgiving?

Beer Can Chicken has been a hot dish in BBQ circles since BBQ guru Steven Raichlen published his recipe book of the same name. For non-BBQers out there, Beer Can Chicken is a chicken grilled sitting upright with an open can of one's favorite carbonated malt beverage inserted up its, um, bottom (as pictured right). This steams the bird from the inside, reportedly making it more flavorful and "unbelievably juicy" while also draining off the fat and "producing a crackling crisp skin every time".

For Thanksgiving the book also has a recipe for Beer Can Turkey (32-oz. can of Foster's lager required). For anyone who's intrigued but doesn't have time to get the book, here's the recipe.

As for myself, I've never had it, but it sounds a lot better to me than the "deep fried turkey" I've been hearing about. Alas, as it's off Grandma's house for the holiday, and Grandma is a New England raised-on-the-farm holiday traditionalist, it seems rather unlikely I'll see a turkey with a Foster's up its bum this year.

But if anyone out there should happen to give it a try, e-mail here to let us all know how it turned out.