Monday, October 25, 2004

Teeing off on a par 11,880 course.

Speaking of final scores, how is 290 over par? Not bad, considering....

Andre Tolme, 35-year-old civil engineer from Northfield, New Hampshire, somehow combined love of golf with love of Mongolia and begat a 12,000 stroke round of play across 1,200 miles of barren steppes -- with only 509 balls lost.

"Tolme's most recent stint in Mongolia was 44 days of waking up under a burning sun, making himself a cup of tea and then walking 16 miles a day with a club in his hand and not a lick of shade in sight, hitting a golf ball as he went..." (CMonitor and, of course,
Somewhere between the world sex championships and golfing across Mongolia there has to be a middle-ground, safe, sane participant sport for the average human being. Chess? -- no, the sanity issue. Maybe badminton?