Saturday, October 30, 2004

So much for campaign finance reform -- and the Democrats as the party of the "little guy".

Billionaires George Soros, Peter Lewis, Stephen Bing, Herbert Sandler, and Andrew Rappaport have by themselves spent $74 million through 527s to defeat Bush --"about as much taxpayer money as Bush received for his entire fall campaign" reports the NY Post. (Bush and Kerry each received $74.6 million in taxpayer-financed campaign funds.)

Pro-Kerry 527s have received $23+ million each from Soros and Lewis, $14 million from Bing, and about $10 million from Sandler. (The biggest contributor to a pro-Bush 527 has given $5 million.)

A secret meeting of the billionaires with Democrat activists lead by Harold Ickes was revealed recently by the New Yorker...

"No one was supposed to know about this ... We don't want people thinking it's a cabal, or some sort of Masonic plot!"
... said a spokesman for the plotting cabal of billionaire Democrats. (But don't call them Masons!)
His concern was understandable: the prospect of rich men concentrating their wealth in order to sway an American election was an inflammatory one, particularly given the Democratic Party's populist rhetoric.
Aw c'mon, why be shy about becoming the party of plutocrats as long as you remain populist in your heart? Plutocrats can be populists too!

Surely the American people are broad-minded enough to realize that. Why wouldn't swing voters in Iowa, Ohio, and Pennsylvania be flattered to know how this particular handful of the ultra-rich are financing the acquisition of their votes for their new Democratic subsidiary? Let's see..

We all know Soros, who called Bush a "danger to the world" who "reminds me of the Germans" of Hitler's era.

Lewis inherited his money, "cruises the Mediterranean in his 250-yacht, the Lone Ranger, and crusades for decriminalizing marijuana", says the Post, possession of which lead to his arrest in New Zealand, the New Yorker says.

Stephen Bing, noted Hollywood playboy who inherited his money too, may be best known for the paternity suits he's been named in (Elizabeth Hurley, Kirk Kerkorian/Lisa Bonde).

C'mon, Harold, these are the new Democratic Godfathers! When you've got their money, flaunt it baby-- right out in the ads. Why hide like devious, lying Republicans? Play it in Iowa...

"We, the new progressive Nazi baiting, pot smoking, adulterer billionaire Democrats, are paying for your vote for John Kerry [picture of a smiling Bing with a baby on each knee] ... I'm John Kerry and I approve this message."

OK, maybe that wouldn't play so well in Iowa.

But there's no reason for Harold to be conflicted -- there's no more shame in selling out a legacy as the party of the "little guy" than in selling anything else, as long as you get a good enough price.

And they're getting the price -- $263 million for pro-Kerry 527s, versus only $81 million for pro-Bush ones, so far.

Remember way back in 2002 when the Democrats posed as champions of campaign finance reform? Ha! Ha!