Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Republicans reported to have better sex lives, liberalism doomed.

If this survey holds up, liberals are kaput.

Almost all the arguments used 40 years ago to make liberalism attractive have gone sour. The march towards civil rights and equal opportunity has become defense of quotas. The fight for reproductive freedom has become defense of partial-birth abortion. Free speech has become speech codes. The fight to get kids out of segregated schools that poor families wanted to escape has become a fight against school choice to keep kids in failing schools that poor families want to escape. Modest programs to protect the old-and-poor from poverty in their final years have become $50 trillion of unfinanced promises to the old-and-richer-than-anybody-else that threaten future national insolvency. And, not least, the happy touch of youthful irresponsibility has become hectoring paternalism.

Just about its only thing left as an attractive sales point is that fun-loving liberals are supposed to have better sex lives than stuck-up, repressed conservatives.

But if Republicans really have better sex lives too, and word gets out about it, then you can stick a fork in liberalism, it's done.