Monday, September 20, 2004

Science proves that nice guys finish last, just after the conscientious.

"People who care for their colleagues are unlikely to be promoted, according to a study of white collar workers by Dr. Nikos Bozionelos, a professor in the management school at Great Britain's University of Sheffield....

"Bozionelos and his colleagues found that three personality types were less likely to be successful in their careers: agreeable people, conscientious workers, and the neurotic.

"Employees who had agreeable personalities and were also altruistic, friendly, and sensitive to the needs of others tended to assign lower priority to their careers and related activities .... Conscientious workers miss out on career success most likely because they are concentrating too hard on performing well..."

And knowing that being altruistic, friendly and a conscientious worker will leave you behind is enough to make you neurotic. (More)