Sunday, September 19, 2004

Pushing an idea a wee bit too far...

One Ian Fleming, age 33, (no relation to the creator of 'James Bond') successfully negotiated $1,650 in forged checks at the Commerce Bank on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, NYC, on this past July 6th.

That having worked, believing he was onto a good thing, he returned to the same bank with forged checks totalling $11 billion.

"The red flags went up pretty quickly," said bank spokesman David Flaherty. "Certainly large checks like that we're going to look at closely.

"These people get good at what they're doing but banks are spending more time training staff to detect it", Flaherty told the New York Post.

Yes, it is reassuring to know that if anyone forges a check of mine for more than a billion dollars bank staff today are trained to give it a good hard look.