Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Isn't it time we passed the amendment so this guy can be King?

Arnold Schwarzenegger says the word "balls" on NYC's over-the-air TV 5 o'clock news -- not guest hosting the sports report, but telling firemen "I want to tell you how much I respect the courage that you have and the balls that you have to do what you do" -- and it doesn't get bleeped.

Who wants a string of girlie-man future presidents? (And maybe even a girlie-girl like Hillary?)

Who wants a president at all when we can have Conan as King?

Dumbass crime of the week.

"Joseph Williams' mom threw him out of their second-floor Crown Heights apartment Sunday evening, so the 16-year-old just went up to the fourth floor to stay with his aunt. Sometime before dawn, however, Williams, who clearly hadn't been paying attention in science class, snuck back downstairs, doused his mom's front door with lighter fluid, set it ablaze then went back upstairs.

"In the end, Williams and four of his relatives were hospitalized with serious smoke inhalation..."

Dumbass "we take bomb threats seriously since 9/11" crime of the week.

"New Jersey resident Ronald Kinzer, 52, went to Queens on Wednesday afternoon, called 911 from a payphone, and told the operator he had a bomb.

"Unfortunately for Kinzer, two bored cops were sitting across the street. When the call about the bomb threat came over the radio including the exact location of the payphone they ambled across the street and arrested him. He's now being charged with not paying attention to his surroundings."

Above items via the NY Press