Thursday, March 10, 2005

Short takes.

The real world continues to interfere with blogging, forcing the self-employed to earn money to pay the ISP bill. Life is cruel. So it'll continue to be short stuff requiring no thought on my part around here for a few more days.

A few items from various corners of the globe...

From Scotland: What's a better news story than "man bites dog"? How about blind man bites guide dog.

North Korea: If it really wants to promote tourism by having its friends post promotional travel videos for it on the web, they'll need to learn a bit more about the interplay between bandwidth, downloads, and copyright.

Iraq: The mistakes America made there, by an Iraqi blogger.

Vietnam: Is the democracy movement traveling this far from the mid-east?

The Congo: Who says killing the right people can't be good for the soul?

"We have been so tired of looking the other way for all this time," said a Pakistani corporal involved in the operation. "To actually kill some of the murderers and rapists that have turned this place into a living hell feels very good"... [via Tim Worstall]

Japan: Former world chess champion Bobby Fischer, the man who during the Cold War by himself bested the Soviet Empire at its own game, lands in solitary confinement after a dispute over a boiled egg.

In an earlier stage of my life I was a tournament chess player and somewhat involved in the world of chess politics. I didn't know Fischer but did know people who knew him about as well as anyone could. In his early days Fischer was always an ... unusual ... personality, but functional as a human being and capable of some really great accomplishments.

Since then he's become the perfect warning example of what can happen to someone with a borderline personality who doesn't take his meds. The lesson to take from this: if you have a borderline personality, take your meds.

By the way, Fischer has a web site.

England: Mothers Day may still be a couple months off, but that's not so far away if you want to order the perfect gift for her and have it arrive on time.

For instance, if mom is a tea drinker, how about a $14,000 teabag with 280 inset diamonds?

Limited supply, get your order in early!