Monday, January 11, 2010

Around the blogroll ... 


William Easterly: There's so much good stuff it's hard to pick what's best. Look over the whole thing and the archives too. (Though one post carries special zing for an unnamed economist, named Jeffrey Sachs).

Tim Worstall: "MORE than 1,000 sheep are being kept in British prisons, shock figures have revealed ..."

Scott Sumner: Easy Tight money causes bubbles.

The Tax Policy Institute: The government of San Francsico (of all cities!) told non-profits seeking grants of city money...
... they would be required for the first time to provide quantifiable proof their programs were accomplishing something.

The room exploded with outrage ... Not every organization is capable of demonstrating results, a nonprofit CEO complained. He suggested the city's funding process should actually penalize nonprofits able to measure results, so as to put everyone on an even footing. Heads nodded: This was a popular idea...

The Tax Foundation: Turbo Tax isn't going to be taking the blame from Geithner again.

Greg Mankiw: How's that stimulus working out?

Econlog/Henderson: "Yo, ho, ho!" Olden-days pirates and modern-day businessmen.

Econlog/Caplan: The word "relationship" wasn't applied to the boy-girl thing until 1944. What words did they use before then?

Newmark's Door: 57 jokes from beautiful women. (More likely from their press agents, but you get both the jokes and their pictures so don't complain.)

Carpe Diem: So much for peak oil.

Tyler Cowen: Chavez ... Venezuela ... oooops.

Alex Tabarrok: Remembering "the good old days". Ah, I remember them well.