Sunday, May 03, 2009

The real reason why voters aren't upset by our trillion-dollar deficit, and deca-trillion dollar national debt:

Poll: How many millions are in a trillion?

(Favorite answer: "There's three million in a trillion, I'll guess, because of the 'tri' ... "Are you serious, foolish female? It's a ten base system, so think about it, it's 1,000 million.")
Q: How many times larger is a trillion than a million? Answers...

• One Thousand Times ... 18%
• Ten Thousand Times ... 12%
• One Hundred Thousand Times ... 21%
• One Million Times ... 21%
• Ten Million Times ... 17%
• Don’t Know ... 12%

The answers were distributed in a manner that is about equal to what you’d expect from random guessing. [via]