Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From the Wide World of Sport

BRUSSELS -- The Belgian bodybuilding championship has been canceled after doping officials showed up and all 20 competitors fled.

"I have never seen anything like it and hope never to see anything like it again," doping official Hans Cooman said yesterday. He said the bodybuilders just grabbed their gear and ran off when he came into the room.

The sport has a history of doping "and this incident didn't do its reputation any good," according to Cooman. [AP ]

NEW YORK -- A hapless Mets fan tried to make a diving catch when her gold tooth fell into a Citi Field toilet -- and got her arm stuck in the commode.

The unidentified woman's bizarre Flushing adventure happened during last Wednesday's game against the Atlanta Braves, sources said yesterday. It's unclear how long she was trapped screaming in the john ...

At one point, she became more entertaining than the game -- which the Mets lost 8-7 -- as fans gathered outside the bathroom near Section 338 to see the off-field action.

It's unclear if the toilet had to be destroyed to free her. The woman did not recover her tooth. [ NY Post ]

GERMANY -- The world's only male synchronised swimmer is fighting international rules that have banned him from competing at London's 2012 Olympic Games.

Niklas Stoepel, 17, is one of Germany's top youth synchro-swimmers and the only boy in his high school team of girls in Wattenscheid. But swimming's international ruling body FINA has banned him from representing his country and refused to allow him to compete overseas.

"FINA rejected the request. I believe that officials just don't want to see any men in this sport," said Niklas, who shaves his legs and wears women's costumes covered in sequins... [Ananova]