Monday, May 25, 2009

From around the blogroll...

Some holiday reading. (If you are in the US. Else, workday reading for when the boss isn't looking):

All you need to know about Obama's 35 mile per gallon CAFE standards, from Keith Hennessey and Andrew Samwick.

All you need to know about "cap and trade" in three short observations by Greg Mankiw, one ... two ... three.

CBO has issued a new report finding that big-time college sports programs seem to actually be being run as commercial businesses, we learn from the Sports Economist. (Gasp! Though a similar thought had been considered here before.)

Make money in real estate the old fashioned way: buy low, sell high. And you'll never be able to buy lower than in Detroit right about now, via Carpe Diem. (Looks like you can put the down payments for a whole flock of houses on a credit card. Start building your empire today!)

Social Security recipients are better off not getting a cost of living increase this year than they are in other years when they do get one (though telling them that gets you hate mail) explains Andrew Biggs.

Hey, how's that $700 billion stimulus working out so far? We get some idea from voluntaryXchange...

... but not to worry, it's not such a big deal anyway, relatively speaking, according to these scary budget charts referred to us by Viking Pundit.

Relief! I am not alone. Somebody else in this world has the same opinion of Nassim Taleb as I do, at Falkenblog. Twice. And of his "Black Swan" too.