Sunday, March 01, 2009

Catches of the week

Keynes wasn't the Keynesian that today's Keynesians claim...
"Keynes did not think that public works expenditure was very effective in countering existing or impending recessions ... Keynes opposed immediate, short-term stimulus in 1937 when the British unemployment rate was 11 percent much higher than we are experiencing today." -- Prof. Mario Rizzo, NYU

Economic historian Niall Ferguson on the coming consequences of the world economic crisis: "There will be blood ... It's just that I don't see it producing anything comparable with 1914 or 1939."

"Death by Rescue -- in pictures"

Shoe throwing at world leaders -- has Bush started a movement?

Bernie Madoff was penny ante.

Now that the US has de-industrialized, what nation is "by far the world's leading manufacturer"? Hint: Not China.

Worst food ever?

As the rest of the nation's economy sinks and is ordered/forced to cut back on spending, guess who gains and spends like bankers used to?