Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Noted around and about.

Still very little time for real blogging, but rather than let this site die, here's a random mix of some things seen here and there...

You've heard that many people say they'd rather die than give a speech in public? Well, next time you can't get out of giving a speech, here's a better idea.

Elvis's afterplay: "Would you mind calling and ordering me a fried egg sandwich?"

Shouldn't 84-year-old Germans maybe have other things to feel guilty about?

"... my 10-year-old, Spenser, asked, 'Dad, how can you write a Tuesday Morning Quarterback in a week when there's no football?' Five thousand words from now you'll know!"

Warning! Cute overload!

Oh, to be on a reality TV show, what people will do.

I thought Amtrak was bad.

The lawyer's coloring book.

A liberal's list of "The Most Loathsome People in America". Oddly, God Himself, who is responsible for all of them, is only #13.

Favorite Colbertisms via the Tivo during the past week:
Oedipus ruined a great sex life by asking too many questions.
"So, do you have any children?"

America needs more parades. You say that parades are for Imperial Powers? Well the sun never sets on Coca Cola. What are we waiting for, a horse in the senate?

And let us not forget the latest Carnival of the Capitalists, full of capitalistic greed-is-goodness.