Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Color photographs of World War I

I'd never seen these before just recently, and they sure give a different impression than the old black & white. I've been tracking them as they appear and disappear from one web site and another.

Here are some all on one page. Here are links to more on what seems a more authorized site, but as I don't read French I can't navigate through it from the home page. Better luck to you.

More via Der Stern, though I don't read German either.

Update: Ah, here we are. Keep Googling and you shall find. Via the Conscientious photography weblog:
... link to the French archives that contain the photos ... If you don't speak French: you access the photos at the top right-hand side. The photos are sorted by location. For each location, there is a list of the photos; on those pages without thumbnails you view the photos by clicking on the icon that looks like an eye.
That's the site.