Monday, October 25, 2004

Is that a cell phone in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

"Naked News, which features nude presenters reading the day's headlines, could soon be available on mobile phones", reports Ananova...

Executive Producer David Warge said: "Naked News is the most successful transition from internet to television ever. We have shown that we offer a unique programme that attracts a large and loyal audience.

"We are planning to produce programme segments geared to the current state of mobile technology in Europe, something that our target group considers important. We will start with news, sports, entertainment and possibly even weather reports.

"As soon as North America is ready, we will produce a similar programme for that market."

Naked News was founded internationally in 1999 and quickly developed into a global media phenomenon. The broadcasts are available in 172 countries over the internet and through pay-per-view television in North America, the Caribbean and Europe.
See for yourself, assuming you haven't already. Fox, watch out! Can you imagine Bill O'Reilly .... never mind.

Naked News is sponsored in part (or should be) by Naked Air, the airline to tropical destinations for those who prefer to fly in the buff. Can you imagine Dan Rather sitting down in the seat next to ... oh, never mind.

Isn't capitalism a joyous thing?