Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Greenpeace criminally charged in enviromental law violation.

The Wall Street Journal gloats:

"a Greenpeace boat, the Arctic Sunrise, entered Alaskan water without the required oil spill prevention plan and proof of financial responsibility should a spill occur. The vessel, which can carry 128,000 gallons of fuel and lubricants (Exxon Valdez, anyone?), was sailing near Ketchikan to protest logging activities.

"The state charges that when the environmental group was notified of the violations on July 14, the ship's agent agreed to remain anchored until the situation was fixed. Instead, the Arctic Sunrise left port that very morning and went joyriding in 'environmentally sensitive areas during peak salmon runs, without care or consideration for the catastrophic impacts that would occur from failure to have the necessary resources to initiate a response.' The case goes to trial in October."

Greenpeace gets its say in the more environmentally friendly Associated Press:

"... spokeswoman Carol Gregory said Thursday she did not know charges had been filed... 'It was a clerical error about paperwork and not about environmental protection,' Gregory said. 'We’re Greenpeace.' "